The Perogies my grandma made were the best

That's the basis of Perogy Planet. When warmed in boiling water they melt in your mouth, when pan fried they are the perfect mix of crispy and tender.

 My family has owned Naleway Catering for 74 years. I wanted to carry on the original flavours that my grandma started making in 1943, still making them from real ingredients as well as add my own twist of new flavours to complement the traditional flavours. Bringing favours from around the world right into your kitchen.

Whether your are looking for the classics or for something new we are the place for you.

From scratch, super tender, fresh Perogies.


Rob Naleway




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Take Orders?

Unfortunately we do not take orders 


Yes, our dough is vegan.

Yes, our margarine is vegan.

Vegan lineup is  Sauerkraut, Sweet Potato Rosemary, Onion Garlic and Dill and Blueberry Perogies

Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls are Vegan

Coleslaw is Vegan



Visit our parent company for all your catering needs.

Perogy Planet's are Naleway Catering Products retail stores.

Gluten Free?

We don't make gluten free perogies. 

Can they be frozen?

Yes they can but you need to 100% thaw them before eating for best results. We suggest pulling them out the freezer and into the fridge 24 hours before cooking.


Yes call 633-6533 for information


Perogies are already precooked

Just warm your favourite way


Place perogies in boiling water and warm up 1-2 minutes


Place perogies in hot frying pan directly from package

Microwave or Oven

Warm and serve


Cabbage Rolls

Fully cooked 

Heat and eat

Microwave, oven or pan fry all work great


We don't do perogy fundraisers using Perogy Planet perogies they are too expensive to make and cannot discount them.

All fundraising is through our parent company Naleway Catering, They have a great fundraiser that gives 100% profit. Follow the link



Perogy Planet Main


1411 Main Street

Winnipeg Manitoba

Monday - Wednesday   9-4pm

Thursday- Friday         9-6pm

Saturday                      9-4pm

Sunday Closed

Closed all statutory holidays

Perogy Planet Dakota


11-845 Dakota
Winnipeg MB

Monday- Friday 10-6pm

Saturday            10-5pm

Sunday              Closed

Closed all statutory holidays


Perogy Planet Portage


4-2001 Portage Ave
Winnipeg MB

Monday- Friday 10-6pm

Saturday            10-5pm

Sunday              Closed

Closed all statutory holidays


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